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I always enjoy Andy's training videos. The videos are very detailed
and cause you to think of things you may have ordinarily missed.

When it comes to high rise work, limiting risk through education should be a top priority.

Andy Pack
ProCare Inc.
Bellevue, Washington





high rise window cleaning instruction"I just finished viewing Andy Engstrom's "Extreme Window Cleaning" video and associated written material. Wow! If you need a step by step guide for using rope decent systems (RDS) then these videos will not only wet your appetite...they will completely satisfy your appetite!

Andy quotes and displays for your viewing the very OSHA, ANSI and IWCA guidelines which govern this industry so you will learn not just the concepts behind RDS but also the safety guidelines developed by the governing authorities of this industry.

Andy begins the videos on the rooftop assembling a roof rig, finishes the program with footage of him actually descending and cleaning and sandwiches in between sections on barricade setup, rope rigging and tying, and there are even 2 sections detailing indoor training that you could do for your employees at a local gym. I have to admit that after viewing these videos I feel like I have enough basic and in depth knowledge of RDS that put together I could begin today.

This detailed training is very, very needed in today’s competitive marketplace replete with liability. If you currently participate in RDS, have employees doing RDS for you, or you are thinking of beginning to use RDS as an income stream then you and your employees NEED to view these videos and have the accompanying text and references on hand.

I looked at 4 major web based window cleaning distributers for material to match this and I found only 1 ANSI "booklet", a 23 minute DVD that covered seat board, cylinder use, and rope care, and a 384 page book valuable for "Search and Rescue, Firefighters, Rope Rescue, Mountaineering, Window Cleaning, River Runners, Rock Climbing, Arborists, Military Operations, Challenge Courses, Nautical Applications and Rappellers". Who wants to read 384 pages when you can get what you need in 75 minutes of video!? 

Excellent job Andy! I'm certain that this video will be an asset to the window cleaning industry for years to come”.

Eric van Dalen
Big Sky Window Cleaning
Dillon, Montana

high rise window cleaning instructionDear Andy,

I have been in the window cleaning business for 10 years now and find it to be the most enjoyable job I have ever done.  There are always challenges you can run into when doing windows and at times dealing with some of them it can get discouraging on whether you are doing things the right way or not.

My brother Greg who also has his own window cleaning business in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN turned me on to your freewindowcleaningtips.com website a few years ago.  What a difference you and your site have made for me and my business! The information I have learned from purchasing your materials I have found to be invaluable.  It has given me greater knowledge and confidence in troubleshooting so many of the challenges that so many window cleaners face.

For a few years now I have had thoughts on wanting to expand my business and had considered high-rise window cleaning.  I was hesitant and never pursued it because of all the questions I had with things like training, equipment, set up, safety concerns and so many others.  My confidence to move into this field was not good and dealing with the safety issues was a big concern for me.  How great it was to hear that you now have a new training eBook available “Extreme Window Cleaning”!  Your eBook and its hands-on training approach with video tutorials along with all of the other materials have answered all of my questions and concerns. 

Andy, I can’t thank you enough!  Because of you I am now more comfortable in pursuing high-rise window cleaning.  I would highly recommend your Extreme Window Cleaning eBook to anyone wanting more knowledge to expand into the field of high-rise window cleaning as well as anyone currently doing high-rise window cleaning.  This eBook as well as all the others you offer are worth every penny and to have this type training at my fingertips whenever I need it and the ability to talk to you as well is worth so much more.

Sincerely Yours,

Jeff Wahl
Glass Plus Services
East Helena, MT


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